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Communication to my Fermilab colleagues, Fall 2016

Dear Friends,

For more than forty-two years, Fermilab has been my perfect scientific home. The lab has provided a stimulating and supportive environment for my research and community service, trusted me to help build an enviable theoretical physics group, granted me an uncommon degree of independence, and given me the precious gift of a matchless collection of creative and congenial colleagues.

I now feel the need for more complete freedom to follow my scientific instincts and take advantage of new opportunities to contribute to particle physics worldwide. Accordingly, at the end of 2016, I will leave the Fermilab payroll and make the transition to emeritus status.

My specific plans are still taking shape, and will certainly evolve over time. In the short term, I will spend more time at CERN and other European institutions, while maintaining a regular presence at Fermilab. I thank you for inspiration and solidarity over the years, and look forward to many new adventures together.

With deep appreciation,


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John David Jackson

John David Jackson, professor emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley, whose magisterial textbook Classical Electrodynamics has shaped graduate education for more than a half century, died on 20 May 2016 in Lansing, Michigan …

Read my JDJ obituary in the October 2016 issue of Physics Today.

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CERN — Six Decades of Science, Innovation, Cooperation, and Inspiration

This month, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, which straddles the Swiss-French border northwest of Geneva, celebrates its sixtieth birthday …

Read my Back Page essay in the August/September 2014 issue of APS News.

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The Nobel Prize in Physics, 2013

… was awarded jointly to François Englert and Peter W. Higgs “for the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles, and which recently was confirmed through the discovery of the predicted fundamental particle, by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.”  Scientific Background on the Nobel Prize in Physics 2013.
Nobel Lectures video.

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